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Is Your Class Not Listed in the Schedule? We Can Help!

Fill out the form below to contact our Facilities Scheduler if your class does not meet at one of the time blocks listed on the Final Exam Schedule search. You may also use the form to contact us regarding any questions, concerns, or any other topics concerning the Final Exam Schedule.

You may not receive a response until after add/drop week has ended for the term in question. Classes are still changing rooms during this week and exam times in your room may reflect differently after these changes.

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Comprehensive Final Examinations must be scheduled during the final examination period at the times indicated in the final exam schedule. Any variance from this schedule must be approved by the Dean of the College and reported to the Facilities Scheduler using our Contact Form.

Instructors desiring to schedule multiple section exams must contact the College Assistant/Associate Dean who will coordinate scheduling with the Facilities Scheduler to minimize conflicts. Multiple section exams MUST be scheduled only during the specified multi-section (FREE) exam periods (see below). Instructors scheduling multiple section exams should avoid conflicts for the students who have several multiple section exams.

Multi-section (FREE) exam periods: free exam times will always occur on Saturday during Final Exam week within the following time blocks: [1:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.], [4:00 p.m. – 6:50 p.m.], and [7:00 p.m. – 9:50 p.m.]. Other multi-section (free) exam times may vary.

If a class does not meet at one of the time blocks listed, the instructor should contact the Facilities Scheduler using our Contact Form to schedule an appropriate final exam date and time; the instructor is responsible for notifying students. If the new scheduled exam time conflicts with the final exam for another class for any student, the instructor will be required to make special arrangements with the student. Students are responsible for notifying instructors of final exam conflicts.

Assuming there are no conflicts, students are required to take all final exams during the scheduled exam time. There is no policy limiting the number of exams that a student can take in one day. There are five possible time blocks for each exam date; a student may be required to take all five in one day.

"Study Day" may occur at the end of a Fall and/or a Spring semester prior to exams. If a Study Day is scheduled, classes do not meet, exams are not given, and it serves as a day for students to prepare for upcoming final exams. Please check the Academic Calendar to determine if a Study Day has been scheduled for a particular semester.